Hutchinson Networks Launches Advanced Infrastructure Services, A Leading Network Technology Consultancy

Edinburgh, 11 September 2017 -- Hutchinson Networks, the global network technology specialists, today announced the launch of Advanced Infrastructure Services (AIS), a new expert-lead network advisory business. AIS is organised into five key practice areas reflecting the Networking and Network Services markets that are experiencing the most dynamic change, namely: Enterprise Networking, Data Centre Networking, Unified Communications, Network Security, and Installation Services.

Through its practice areas, Advanced Infrastructure Services partners with clients to assess, architect, design, implement, manage and review IT infrastructure and network services - unlocking the power of third platform technologies while balancing the increasing demands of legacy infrastructure. The Advanced Infrastructure Services team is led by Solutions Architects, who act as primary consultants and ultimate technical authority for all client work. The AIS team has experience designing networks for global financial institutions, government bodies, international airports, and world leading retail companies. 

“With Advanced Infrastructure Services, we have brought together a proven team of experts with diverse experience across the network lifecycle,” said Paul Hutchinson, CEO, Hutchinson Networks. “Powered by strategic relationships with a multitude of top vendors, our team provides the objective, forward-looking, fit-for-purpose recommendations that many of our competitors tied to individual vendors simply can’t.” 

Capable of delivering traditional network design and deploy projects, Advanced Infrastructure Services specializes in complex, multi-vendor solutions tailored to fit the unique requirements posed by client operating models, compliance constraints, and business strategies. 

“We offer a unique perspective on networking having recently built our own public cloud platform, Fabrix, which is now a Cisco case study in Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV),” said Stephen Heslop, Hutchinson Networks COO. “Companies and governments are transforming their perspective on and use of technology across the board. We’re excited to continue to make that journey as seamless and valuable as possible.” 

Read more about AIS here.

About Hutchinson Networks 

Hutchinson Networks is a global network technology specialist who help clients navigate the transition to future-ready IT environments through expert advice, complex implementations, and proprietary hosted solutions. Our processes simplify often complex international IT projects and thrive in multi-vendor, multi-technology environments. The solutions power some of the largest multinational companies, critical public sector infrastructure, dynamic start-ups, and pure-play technology firms. Hutchinson Networks has on-the-ground experience in 75+ countries and is headquartered in Edinburgh, UK.