What Is Fabrix?

Hutchinson Networks has launched a new cloud-based, hosted infrastructure service that offers end-users better security, higher availability and increased flexibility. The new service - named Fabrix - offers end-users a range of self-service features and UK data sovereignty.

Partnered with Cisco Systems and employing a range of leading technologies from world-class vendors, Fabrix exemplifies the future of cloud computing by removing the burden of capital investment in IT and dramatically reducing operational costs. End-users can benefit from cutting-edge network connectivity, security, load balancing, storage and virtual servers, leaving them free to focus on the thing they care about most – the application.

Fabrix provides a paradigm shift in the way organisations can use IT, built on the following principles:                                                                                                                

  • Enterprise Class Security                                                                            
  • Data Sovereignty                                                                                          
  • High Availability
  • Fully Automated Provisioning                                                        
  • Flexible Usage & Billing                                           
  • User Self-Service

Enterprise Class Security - Security is one of the key concerns for organisations moving critical IT services and data to the cloud. Fabrix provides IP filtering firewalling for free on the platform. There are also bolt-on options for a range of advanced security services. Next Generation Stateful Firewalls can be commissioned, providing an option for Intrusion Prevention Systems. In addition, Fabrix can also provide the option of Web Application Firewalls to protect against attacks contained within the HTTP header and payload such as Structured Query Language Injection and Cross Site Scripting. Finally, the Fabrix portal is securely protected from Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks and extra DDoS protection can be purchased as an optional service. 

High Availability & Data Sovereignty - Fabrix consists of two data centres located in Edinburgh and London. Users who require high availability will be configured in an Active – Passive manner, with a choice of which data centre will be Active. Furthermore, all software and hardware components within each data centre are provided in a resilient manner. As both data centres are located in the UK, Fabrix provides data sovereignty for UK based users.

Automated Provisioning & Flexible Billing - The ability to provision and de-provision an environment in minutes also means that Fabrix provides users with the flexibility to only use the service when they need it. Development environments can be switched on and off as required and systems with variable demand can be scaled up and down when necessary. To match this, Fabrix allows for billing by the hour or by the day, as well as providing longer-term options such as monthly or yearly billing at a reduced cost.

User Self-Service - The User Self-Service Portal for Fabrix is intuitive, easy to use and clearly defines the costs associated with the service. Furthermore, the portal allows users to map out their topology, which when applied, automatically provisions the configuration without any intervention from HN system administrators. This means that users can deliver a new internal service or web application in minutes rather than in days or weeks.

At its core, Fabrix allows users to provision Virtual Machine (VM) servers and make them available to the public over the Internet. In addition to that, Fabrix provides users with network connectivity, IP filtering firewalls, access to storage and a range of options for each of the following:

  • Type of Operating System                                                                          
  • Number of Virtual CPUs                                                                              
  • Storage Capacity      
  • Amount of Virtual Memory                                                             
  • Security Protocols                                                                                        
  • Network Traffic

The real power of Fabrix is its feature richness and extensive range of services:

Advanced Security & Application Delivery – Users will be placed in their own Virtual Data Centre (VDC), which is a secure logical partition. Within that VDC, users can create different containers to represent different applications or different tiers of their applications. Within each container, the user will have the option of automatically provisioning Next Generation Firewalls, Web Application Firewalls and Server Load Balancing services to add to the standard VM service. For Internet facing applications, DDoS and Global Server Load Balancing can also be added.

Network Connectivity – Users can provision applications which are either accessible over the Internet or accessible only to internal users. Where the application is available over the Internet, dedicated Internet access is provided to the user’s VDC as standard. There are also a range of connectivity options available to users to establish a private connection to their VDC on Fabrix. Connectivity can be provisioned as an IPSec VPN over the Internet or a private circuit. A private circuit can be Layer 2 or Layer 3, and Fabrix supports a wide range of routing and LAN extension protocols.

On Net Services – On Net Services can be provided to users who are located in the same data centre facility as Fabrix. The key building blocks of a data centre are Storage, Network Fabric, Network Functions and Servers. With Fabrix On Net Services, users can choose to combine their hardware components with components from Fabrix. Users can choose to retain control of their servers and storage system via connectivity through Fabrix, and can be secured using Fabrix’s Next Generation Firewalls. 

Work Load Mobility – Call it cloud bursting, hybrid cloud or workload mobility, the ability to move VMs and services between environments is a key characteristic of cloud computing and is intended to avoid the long term lock-in associated with traditional IT models. Fabrix facilitates the simple migration of VM workloads to and from private customer environments and third party cloud providers.   

Fabrix Data Sheet Click here to download the Fabrix Data Sheet